INTIEL was established in 1991 in Pomorie, the Eastern part of Bulgaria, close to the Black Sea shore. The Company is specialized in production of electronic controllers applicable in areas such as heating, air-conditioning, ventilation, refrigeration and solar systems, as well devices for residential and industrial applications.

Our products are result of comprehensive and permanent research work for optimization of their efficiency and seeking of new products that are to satisfy the contemporary enlarged need of energy savings. The main part of this mission is carried out by our R&D Department, where are involved high qualified engineers. Their major responsibility except doing a research and projects work is to develop non-standard devices that come to satisfy specific customers’ requirements.

INTIEL products are made in accordance with BDS (Bulgarian State Standards) and European standards for quality and control during the production process. Up to now as a result of our efforts it can be seen the grate number of installed INTIEL controllers that work together with heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems at combined administration and public service buildings, restaurant, hotels, etc.