The system is designed to replace the current obligatory dairy notes for temperature control, filled in manually in food industry premises and etc., where the monitoring of the temperature and the humidity is preliminary fixed at the country legislation.


Technical data:
  • Computer software for data registration and processing.
  • Hardware part for PC connection and measurement.
  • 12 channels for temperature and humidity measurement.
  • Possibility for data input of:
    • normative temperature or humidity levels concerning each channel.
    • time period for reports taking out and fixing the type of prescribed criteria in case, there is a difference between the measured and normative values.
  • Possibility for reports printing out in table or chart formats for a period from date to date.
  • Fixing a different period of measurement in relation to required normative regulations.
  • Keeping the data concerning past periods of time in the hardware part of the system.
  • Range of temperature measurement from (-50°С) up to (+100°С).
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Monitoring system for temperature and humidity control – User manual. 755kB


Monitoring system for temperature and humidity control – Control software. 743kB