Differential Thermostat DT-3.2 is used for domestic hot water preparation in water heaters, where the heating energy is provided in combined way, by solar panels (fireplace) and by its electrical heating elements. It is designed to control the circulation pump operation, installed in the water circuit between the solar panels (fireplace) and water heater serpentine, thus regulating the heat exchanging between them.



Technical data:
  • Control the circulation pump operation in the heating circuit between the solar panel and the water heater in relation to their temperature difference.
  • Equipped with two temperature sensors Pt1000 (-50° up to +200°C)
  • Monitoring of the following parameters:
    • adjusted and current (real) difference between the solar panel and water heater temperatures.
    • adjusted temperature level of the water heater to which it can be heated from the solar panels.
    • maximum allowed water heater temperature.
    • minimum temperature level of the solar panel.
    • maximum allowed temperature level of the solar panel.
    • defrost temperature level of the solar panel.
    • minimum water temperature level in the water heater.
  • Provides the following protections:
    • water heater overheating.
    • solar panel frosting.
    • solar panel overheating.
  • Alerts concerning unusual states of the solar system, which relates to extremely high or low temperatures of the water heater and the solar panel.
  • Digital settings of main operation parameters.
  • One standard relay output with changeover contacts.
  • Opportunity for wall installation.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Programmable differential thermostat DT-3.2 – User manual. 227kB