The Controller INT0064 is designed to operate in solar panel installations mounted in family houses and hotels. It provides the necessary logic concerning obtaining a domestic hot water and premises heating by control of the water heater, the accumulating reservoir, the central heating and the temperature of the swimming pool.


Technical data:
  • Controls the water heater operation by means of two installed temperature sensors – upper based sensor for the electrical heaters and lower one that control the water heating by the solar panel.
  • Controls the heating of the water in the accumulating reservoir, which main purpose is to accumulate heating energy from the solar panel and to give that energy in sequence to the water heating system of the building.
  • Control the water temperature in a swimming pool in relation to preliminary assigned temperature.
  • Possibility to choose a priority concerning heating of the water in the swimming pool or in the water heater.
  • Starts the circulation of the heating installation trough the accumulating reservoir in case its temperature is grater than the return water temperature of the boiler.
  • Starts by force the heating of the swimming pool, the water heater and the accumulating reservoir in case the temperature of the solar panel is grater than 110°C.
  • The preparation of a domestic hot water is not allowed when the solar panel temperature is less than the water heater temperature.
  • Does not allow the heating of the consumers (a water heater, an accumulating reservoir and a swimming pool) in case the temperature of the solar panel is less than 40°C.
  • Stops the electrical and the solar panel heating of the water heater in case the temperature of the top based sensor in the water heater exceeds 90°C.
  • Equipped with six temperature sensors.
  • The length of the connection cables of the sensors does not affect to the measurement precision.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Have a look at the complete “User’s guide” of the Solar system controller.
(.PDF 303kB)