Thermoregulator is designed to control the power supply of single phase alternating current units in relation of the temperature of the thermo sensor by means of a proportional low. The regulation is provided by a phase control of the regulation element (semistor). He is optimized to operate with asynchronous and universal ventilation motors, rotational pumps, etc, but also it can regulate heating elements. On the other hand, it must be paid attention that it is not suitable for a control of piston compressors.



Technical data:
  • Possibility for choosing a working curve of the Thermoregulator.
  • Fixing a minimal revolution level.
  • Setting up the lowest possible level of the regulation temperature interval.
  • Adjusting the width of the regulating temperature interval.
  • Compensation of the semistor current angle in order to keep the adjusted number of revolutions permanent at variable supply voltage or consumption current.
  • Protection against current overloading.
  • Indication for an overloading (red ).
  • Indication for a motor operation (green).
  • Provides a smooth start-up of the motor.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Thermoregulator with a phase control – User manual. 230kB