The Electrical Boiler Controller is designed to manage the electrical boiler operation in the range of capacity 12-60kW. It provides a complex control of the central heating installation in compliance with ambient conditions.


Technical data:
  • Equipped with a proportional and a room thermostat cascading connected, that provides smooth operation mode without any sharp fluctuations.
  • Possibility for fixing a lowest and highest working temperature in the range of (+10 °C)-(+90 °C) and thus avoiding the freezing and overheating of central heating systems.
  • Depends on the electrical boiler application (central or floor heating) the maximum temperature level can be adjusted at +90 °C or +50 °C.
  • Equipped with weekly programmer that has 16 individual operation modes.
  • OFF regime provides stopping of the electrical boiler operation for long period like summer. During this regime the controller provides the circulation pump operation for 10 min. per every twenty-four-hours.
  • AUTO regime allows the regular boiler operation in relation of the set individual program mode.
  • The circulation pump is being always switched on, when at least one heating element works. And its operation goes on for 10 minutes after all heating elements will be switched off, in order to spread the accumulated heating through the radiators. Moreover, the circulation pump starts operation by force, when the boiler temperature falls down to 15 °C, in order the whole water content installation to pass through the boiler temperature sensor. The maximum outage of the circulation pump is 42 hours.
  • Possibility for connection of up to 15 heating elements in series and their smooth control.
  • The thermal protection provided by electro-mechanical thermostat, which temperature is fixed by the producer. In case, a big capacity is required in same time, the heating sections will be connected subsequently with a delay of 2 seconds referring to the previous connected section.
  • Protection against decreased boiler water level.
  • Protection against freezing of the water, inside the electrical boiler and the whole central heating systems.
  • Possibility of correcting the reading of the temperature sensors.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Controller for electrical boilers – User manual. 664kB