The Device is designed to manage the operation of solid fuel boilers, equipped with a fan and or auger for force feeding of air to the burning chamber.
The main principle of operation is based on the regulation of feed air, by means of regulation of fresh air fan speed in relation to outlet boiler water temperature, the state of the room thermostat and the temperature of flue gas fan in case it is installed.There are also output for the management of auger for fuel supply, which is controlled by timer with set times for work and pause. The fans and auger operate in case of closed contact of the room thermostat (need for heating).


Technical data:
  • Power supply   230V/50Hz/AC
  • Four relay outputs  for fans, pump and auger
  • Two contact switch  inputs  for blocking thermostat and room thermostat
  • Equipped with two Sensors type Pt1000 
  • Range of measurement from -30° to +300°C
  • Three positional digital indication 
  • Possibility for emergency stopping / starting the fan.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Solid fuel boiler Controller – User manual. 462kB