The relay is designed to provide control of fresh air feeding in bacterial purification stations during certain period of time. It is to be connected of the compressor/pump/ electrical grid in order to provide a fresh air into the bio-decomposition hopper. Thus the switched on programmable time relay feeds an air in the hopper depends on the selected program. It has three time intervals: 1-99 seconds, 1 -99 minutes, 1- 99 hours.


Technical data:
  • It has four functions, one for switching on by force and three programmable ones for the time relay;
  • Program 1 (STANDARD) is adjusted by the producer with an operation time period of T1 – 4 minutes, and pause period of T2 – 2 minutes;
  • Program 2(MINIMUM) is adjusted respectively with a time T1 – 3 minutes and time T2 – 3 minutes;
  • Program 3(MAXIMUM) is adjusted respectively with a time T1 – 5 minutes and time T2 – 1 minute;
  • Warranty period of 24 months.


Have a look at the complete “User’s guide (BG)” of the Programmable time relay for a bacterial purification stations.
(.PDF 429kB)