BHT-002GCLW Water/Gas boiler Heating Control
BHT-002GBLW Electric floor Heating Control
BHT-002GALW Water heating control

Wifi thermostat series BHT-002 is designed to control heating systems. It connects to the wireless network of your home, which allows you to remotely configure and monitor the heating via smartphone. The smart thermostat is compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie, IFTTT voice assistants. It is a practical tool to use, easy to install, turns your home into a smart home and allowing you to achieve energy savings.



– High quality thermostat for heating system with touch buttons for easy operation
– WiFi and voice control function
– LCD display with backlight for clear and easy to read data
– Possible weekly programming to maximize comfort and economy, very flexible
– Accuracy of 0.5 °C, keeping the comfortable temperature within the set level
– Data memory function when the power is off
– Тhermostat lock function
– Acrylic front to protect the LCD screen from collision and avoid scratching
– Made of flame retardant material, safe and reliable for daily use
– Trendy design blends with any decor
– Create the thermostat group on the centralized control
– Integrated with Amazon Echo, Google Home, Tmall Genie, IFTTT
– No limits to add rooms and support Smart Scenes
– Synchronize time zone, address and language
– Support sharing the device with family or friends



Technical data

  • Type: BHT-002 WIFI version
  • Color: white
  • Sensor: NTC 10K 3950
  • SeT temperature range: 5 ~ 35 °C
  • SeT temperature accuracy: ± 0,5 °C
  • Display temperature range:5 ~ 99 °C
  • Display: LCD with backlight
  • Buttons: captive touch buttons
  • Running program: set for 1 week as a cycle
  • Wire Terminals: 2 * 1,5 mm2 или 1 * 2,5 mm2 проводник
  • Distance of installation holes: 60mm
  • Installation box: 86mm standard box or 60mm European round box (not included)
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Power supply: 95 ~ 240VAC, 50 ~ 60HZ
  • Power Consumption: < 1.5W
  • Current load: 16A (BHT-002GBLW)
  • Current load: 3A (BHT-002GALW, BHT-002GCLW)
  • Shell material: PC + ABS (flame retardant)
  • Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 45 °C
  • Ambient Humidity: 5 ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature: -5 ~ 55°C
  • Size: 86 mm x 86 mm x 13,2 mm (approx.)




Wiring diagram


Wall installation

Room thermostat is suitable foe installation within a standard 86mm pattress box or European 60mm pattress box.

Step 1. Keep power off. See Fig 1
Step 2. Remove the mounting Plate by rotating the LCD part. See Fig 2.
Step 3. Connect power supply, load into the appropriate terminals. (see “Wiring thermostat” for details and Fig 3).
Step 4. Fix the mounting plate into the wall with screws in the box. See Fig 4.
Step 5. Fasten body of the thermoatat and the mounting plate through rotating. See Fig 5.
Step 6. Installation complete. See Fig 6.


WiFi Thermostat BHT-002 – User manual. 3MB