Heat pumps are an innovative way of heating and cooling, which is gaining more and more popularity in our country. And there’s definitely a reason. Modern times require the application of more ecological and economical heating. And heat pumps are the best way to maintain an optimal temperature in your home or business building without affecting the environment. Heat pumps are extremely functional and can be used for both heating and cooling. Delivers heat energy where you want it. You can use it to transfer heat into or out of different rooms.

Heating with such systems has become an excellent substitute for outdated installations using wood and coal. In order to choose the most suitable heat pump system, it is good to familiarize yourself with their functions. With it, you can direct energy to the room in the form of heat. The heat pump mode setting depends on your needs. The system can both cool and heat the home. Not only that, but with heat pumps you have the option of producing water for domestic use. The system can heat or cool it.

Heat pump installations are able to maintain optimal air and water temperature in large buildings, apartment blocks, public spaces or single-family houses. But the great advantage of such systems is their extreme economy.

Inverter heat pumps