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INTIEL is administrator of private data in relation of the ones send from You (during registration and purchase) and the data we processed.

What is GDPR?
General Data Protection Regulation enters into force on the 25th of May 2018. The Regulation’s objective is to equalize and actualize the already existing regulations for personal data protection in all of EU, aiming at changing the way the organizations handle them. After 25th of May 2018, all EU citizens will have full control over the data they provide to the different organizations.  GDRP protects the right of private data for every person, who is in the EU, no matter if the data is processed inside or outside of the EU.

Why do we collect private data and what it is?
All provided or collected on the website information related to private data will be processed by Intiel. When filling the online form of registration,  the form of inquiry or online chat, we will process the data including private data, which you provided, including data such as: Your name, Surname , phone number, E-mail and additional information you may have included in the online form. Your private data will be processed according to the applicable  legislation. We can process Your personal data at the basis of legitimate interest, when its needed to use or protect our legal rights.

INTIEL guaranties the protection and confidentiality of the provided data. The collected data is not distributed to third parties to advertise.

All data and private information, provided by the Customer, is used by INTIEL to manage the personal profiles of the customer and gathering of statistic data.

Also, INTIEL uses that data and information to improve the website, so frauds and abuse threatening INTIEL, can be avoided, as well as to provide third parties to provide technical support, logistics and other services for INTIEL.

You provide most of the private data by registering at , when you are sending messages trough the form of contacts, or when you communicate trough the chat for online support.

By private data we mean all information, helping identifying of the individual  or its equivalent; identifiable person is the person, which can be identified, directly or indirectly, specially by identification number or one or more parameters of its physical identity – psychological, mental, economical, cultural or social.

Personal data processing is every sort of operation or multiple operations, performed concerning personal data, trough automated or non-automated means, such as gathering, recording, organizing, data storage, adapting or changing, downloading, consulting, using, disclosure to third parties, spreading or other form, merging or combining, blocking, deleting or destroying.

The data you provide are: Name, Surname or Nickname, address, E-mail and phone number and financial information, which are not obligatory but need only if you make some sort of purchase from the website. The data from the purchases, is stored so we can fulfill the warranty conditions according to the purchase and other analyzations.

One series of data are gathered by automatic module by the website, for example Internet Protocol (IP) address, used by the computer to connect to internet; login; E-email address; password; information about your computer and about connection methods such as the sort of browser and the version of the operating system; data, which is sometimes combined with similar information, gathered from other clients aiming at creating functions, such as “Online support”, URL (Uniform Resource Locator) full time (including date and time of the day), the amount of cookie; visualizing or searching of products. 
If you use our form for contact, INTIEL will keep your name, phone number, E-mail and IP address. This is necessary so we can reply to your questions and the data will not be used for marketing.

Just as well, INTIEL can use browser data, such as cookie, cookie Flash or similar data gathered trough the means of different parts of the website in order to avoid frauds and other aims.

When you visit the website it can put cookies in your web browser. One module cookies is low amount of stored information on the computer, in order to identify the browser while using websites. Cookie modules can be used  in order to store elements like identifications or customer preferences. A website can put cookie modules for storage in the browser if browser settings allow for it. A browser can allow specific website to have access to the cookie modules and can deny such to others.

You can configure the access to the browser for all cookie modules or their denial. Browsers can be  distinguished, so we recommend to return to the “HELP” menu of your browser, so you can learn to change its settings about cookie.

For more information about cookie, please read “Policy for the use of cookies”

How long would we keep your data?
Here you can find information about the period of time of storage for the different sorts of data. At the storage of data we apply the method for data storage in minimum amount for duration not longer then the need to provide the services, providing their protection and reliability and the requirements from the law.

When you enter the website we will create some cookies, so we can save the information about login in and the options showing up on the screen. If you have profile and enter the website, temporal cookie will be created, so we determine if your browser accepts cookies. This “cookie” does not contain personal data and its deleted, when you close your browser.
Login cookies last one session, and display cookies last one year. If you chose “Remember me”, your username will be saved for two weeks. If  you log out of your profile, the login cookies will be removed.

All users can see, redact or delete their personal information at anytime.

Registration data is kept until you cease your registration or we are informed to delete it.

What rights do you have over your right?
If you have profile on our website, you can demand to receive a fail with your personal data we store, including all that you provided.

You can demand we delete all your personal data we store. This does not include data, we are obligated to keep for administrative, law or security reasons.

How we protect your data?
INTIEL processes your personal data only with the aims previously mentioned and periods. Our website is with high level of cyber security, because all date goes trough SSL* encryption, it has integrated security modules and its hosted on a server with provided security surveillance system.
Its important to be known, that you can withdraw your agreement about personal data processing at any time, when you contact us.
As a person the data is about, you have the right to access to the processed data about you. Also you can object further processing of your data, just as well as you can demand them to be corrected or deleted.
Profiles have additional protection, such as hashing of  passwords – that is a kind of encryption, with which even the administrators can see yours saved in our password database.


* What SSL (SSL certificate)?
When a certain website is loaded trough https, the connection with the server is encrypted by the use of SSL certificate. This way data, back and forth between the user and server is in encrypted state and is protected from tracking and reading from third parties.




About cookies and policy for their use

This policy is about cookies and the website, supported by INTIEL Ltd

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files ( packages of information), which are stored on the computers or mobile devices of the user in order to improve the interaction with the website. Those files allow the user to be recognized and the website be adapted to his liking. Cookies are unique for each device containing anonymous information. The content contains the name of the website they belong to, the time they are stored on the users computer and unique randomly generated number.

What are cookies used for?

Those files make possible the recognition of the users devise and presents the content adapted to the users liking. Cookies provide pleasant experience during the users navigation trough internet, to provide suitable for the user services, for example – users preferences for online confidentiality, in the cart or the employed advertisement.
Also they are been used in the preparation of anonymous statistics, which helps determine how a certain customer prefers to use the internet websites, allowing administrators to improve the structure and their content, without the need of the user identification.

Do cookies contain private data?
By itself, cookies do not require personal information to be used and most often do not identify the Internet users’ personality. Personal data collected when using cookies can only be collected to facilitate user use. These data are encrypted in a way that prevents unauthorized persons from accessing them.  

Examples of using cookies

INTIEL uses cookies to collect certain information from the users, including non-registered visitors in online store and the use of it:

  • Confirm the identity of the registered customer as part of the process of entering the site or the initial registration in the website and there is no need for a new entering of the username or password;
  • Supports a “shopping cart” about the chosen items;
  • Using information for monitoring traffic and gathering statistic data, for example the time customers spend in the online store, the pages they visit the most and the amount of visits.

Those “cookies” help us analyze the traffic, which allow us to improve the website and the services.

Security and identification
The point of cookies designed for secure connection is:

  • To recognize the user in the specific session;
  • To control the security;
  • To guarantee the information the user enters can be seen only by him.

Cookies are not viruses! They use the form of a simple text. They are not part of a code so they cant be executed or work independently. So they cant be doubled or copied. Because they cant perform those functions they cant be deemed as viruses   

Cookies can still be used for bad purposes. Because they store information for the preferences as well as the history of the users surfing on a specific site just as well on others too, cookies can be used as a kind of a Spyware. Browsers have integrated settings to protect personal data, which provide different levels of accepting the cookies, period of their validity and automaticаlly deleting them after the user visited certain website.

Management and deleting the cookies
Huge part of the cookies we use will enhance surfing in our website, and the rest are important to guarantee secure access.

Depending on the used browser you can:

  • To allow or deny the storage of cookies from all sources;
  • To set a notification, which for every new cookie will want a permission.

Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default. However if you wish to deny cookies to be saved on your computer you can change the settings. You can limit them by changing the settings of the browser you are using. Restricting cookies may also affect some of the features on the website.




Our web site uses the following cookies:

Cookie only contain a reference to a session stored on the web server. No information is stored in the user’s browser and this cookie can only be used by the current web site.
To store a the logged in user’s username and a 128bit encrypted key. This information is required to allow a user to stay logged in to a web site without needing to submit their username and password for each page visited. Without this cookie, a user is unable to proceed to areas of the web site that require authenticated access.

__zlcmid, __zlcprivacy
These cookies are managed by ZopIM, who provide the technology behind our ‘live chat’ system. The __zlcmid cookie allows you to continue a chat with us as you view different pages on our site, or if you come back to the site later.

This cookie is used to display the website in chosen language.

This cookie contains a unique code for each customer so that it knows where to find the cart data in the database for each customer.

This cookie is used to maintain your current shopping cart.

How many items are there in your cart.

wordpress_*,  wordpress_logged_in_*
This cookies is Used by wordpress to maintain logins.

Contains information on whether or not cookies are enabled in your web browser settings.

This cookie indicates that you agree to the Cookies Policy of our site


*- is a place holder for a random string.

Please note that ZopIM may also use cookies, over which we have no control.