The Controller is designed to manage a ventilation system with air-conditioned air, regulating the temperature in the inlet duct and the temperature in the air-conditioned premises. It provides alternate usage of the system for heating or cooling, according to a command received by a controller settings or proportional regulator.


Technical data:
  • Regulates water cooling and water heating sections equipped with mixed valves and actuators, a thermostat against freezing, an electrical heating section with an emergency thermostat against overheating and air-flow availability element.
  • Regulates inlet and outlet dampers equipped with actuators, a pressure and suction fans with asynchronous motors.
  • Equipped with a heating capacity proportional regulator.
  • Equipped with a three sectional digital display showing the different temperature levels.
  • Controls an additional stage module for heating sections.
  • Controls the power supply module of three way valves actuators.
  • Controls one or more than one revolution regulators by switching them.
  • Controls the room temperature by a separate room thermoregulator.
  • Protection against freezing.
  • Protection against overheating.
  • Fire protection.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Controller for ventilation and air-conditioning systems – User manual. 322kB