The devise is designed for control and monitoring of great number of temperature points. Every module has 10 temperature inputs (type Pt-1000) or independent relay contacts from room thermostats, as well 10 relay outputs concerning each temperature point and one output for sending a command to the central energy source. The device has an opportunity for choosing cooling or heating mode depends on the customer’s needs. It has an anti-freezing protection in heating mode. By means of the weekly programmer it could be kept different temperature levels in every day in a week with an opportunity of four time periods during the day.



Technical data:
  • Opportunity for a complete temperature control
  • 10 temperature inputs and outputs
  • Nominal current trough the output contacts: 250V/3A
  • To each module can be added a next one, as it could be existed from 1 up to 255 networks and every one of them could have from 1 up to 255 modules.
  • It is very suitable for a temperature control of hotels or vacation properties.
  • The control is provided by software from a computer, so the connection with the devise could be local or via internet.
  • There is an option for a restriction of access levels, which avoid unqualified influences of the settings.
  • Equipped with weekly programmer
  • Warranty period of 24 months.




Building Managment System BMS – User manual. 344kB


Software for BMS – 2.61МB