Equi-thermal transmitter INT0066A is designed to work together with temperature regulators, providing control to the general water heating flow, in relation to outdoor temperature, thus defining the central heating system assignation. It is suitable for central heating systems in family houses and public buildings.


Technical data:
  • Transmit the outdoor temperature in a current signal 4 – 20mA
  • Preliminary fixed 6 temperature ranges, in which the output current is being changed, following the mentioned chart at figure 1 in the User’s Guide.
  • Default temperature range from (–10°С) up to (+20°С)
  • Easy to choose desired temperature range in relation to building heat losses.
  • Possibility to choose a family of ascending or descending characteristics, in relation to temperature regulator requirements, with which the equi-thermal transmitter work with.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.


Have a look the complete “User’s guide (BG)” of the Equi-thermal Transmitter INT0066A.
(.PDF 209kB)