The Dynamic Boiler Controller is very suitable for water heating installations in family houses, small and large projects. It is designed to provide the desired heating comfort, optimizing the fuel consumption by a control of the boiler operation. In fact it is able to manage the operation of solid fuel, light fuel and gas boilers and as well the consumption of a heating energy from accumulating reservoirs or other central heating sources.


Technical data:
  • Controls the operation of solid fuel, light fuel or gas boilers.
  • Can regulate the operation of the heating system in relation to the internal temperature of the heating system.
  • Controls the heating system in compliance with:
    • the outlet boiler temperature;
    • the inlet boiler temperature of the return water;
    • the water temperature in the heating circuit after the mixed four-way valve;
    • the temperature in the domestic hot water circuit;
    • the outdoor temperature;
    • the room temperature by a room thermostats.
  • Stops the boiler operation by a signal from the built-in working boiler thermostat, when the maximum working temperature exceeds (+75 °C)-(+90 °C).
  • Opens the mixed four way valve, starts the circulation pump and stops the boiler if the outgoing boiler temperature exceeds its factory settings of (+95 °C)-(+105 °C).
  • Closes the mixed four way valve and start the boiler operation by force (only in winter regime) if the return boiler water is lower than the fixed one of (+45 °C)-(+65 °C).
  • Opens the mixed four way valve and starts by force the boiler operation if the water temperature after the mixed valve is lower than the adjusted one. The operation threshold will be changed automatically by the outdoor temperature and outdoor thermostat. If a room thermostat is not mounted this function can be used for a central equithermal temperature regulation of the water heating in multi-circuit systems and large projects.
  • Opens the mixed valve, starts the circulation pump and stops the boiler if the outlet boiler water exceeds its factory settings in the range of (+95 °C)-(+105 °C.
  • Protection against freezing of the whole heating system.
  • Closes by force the mixed valve of the floor-heating systems with an installed room thermostat if the water in the system is heated over +50 °C, despite of the command of the thermostat. That function can be restricted at heating systems without a floor-heating and at multi-circuit systems without a room thermostat.
  • Controls the mixed valve in relation to the room thermostat.
  • Provides preparation of a domestic hot water in winter and summer regime in relation to the domestic hot water thermostat or timer.

    • The same one with the heating of the premises or
    • With higher one, stopping the premises heating
  • Possibility for definition of two priorities, concerning heating of the domestic hot water.
  • Each of the above mentioned priorities can be easily fixed by the customer.
  • Controls a circulation pump, an actuator or a magnetic valve in the domestic hot water circuit.
  • Automatically goes into summer regime if the room thermostat or the sensor after the mixed valve does not send a command for switching on in the period of 48 hours (36, 24 or 12) after the last command.
  • The main difference between the summer regime and the rest of them is that the boiler cannot be started if the return water temperature is lower than the settled one (+45 °C)-(+65 °C).
  • Periodically starting the circulation pump to work through the heating circuit and the mixed valve in order to prevent their blocking after long stop.
  • Automatically goes into winter regime if a command of the room thermostat or the sensor after mixed valve is available.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Dynamic boiler controller – User manual. 998kB