The device is designed to control motor actuators for mixing valves, according to temperature, which is supplied to the rooms build by the mixing circuit. It is possible to control three two-position motor actuator and one analog motor actuator from 0 to 10 V. Suitable for buildings where there are one to four heating circuits , like: underfloor heating, radiator heating and prepare domestic hot water.


Technical data:
  • The heating water assignation is able to be adjusted in one of the following ways: independently (manually by the controller), by means of outdoor temperature or room thermo regulator.
  • Room thermostats have to a contact output.
  • Control four heatings circuit :
    • three two-position motor actuators;
    • one proportional motor actuator with analog output 0 – 10 V;
  • The following limitations are to be fixed concerning the heating water:
    • Minimum temperature;
    • Maximum temperature;
    • Minimum return water temperature
  • Pump operation:
    • if the heating water is within the fixed range for the minimum and maximum temperature
    • operation by force in case the heating water temperature is less than 10 °С
    • provide an overheating function of the circuit in case the heating water temperature exceeds its assigned level with 10 °С
    • stops the circulation pump in case the temperature of the heating water is less than its minimum assigned level for period of 1 hour. After that the controller goes into test mode in which it starts the circulation pump for 5 minutes every 15 minutes. This mode continues until the heating water exceeds the assignation about its minimum temperature.
  • Built-in weekly programmer.
  • Equipped with six temperature sensors Pt-1000.
  • Warranty terms: 24months



Four channel controller for mixing valves – User manual. 290kB