The controller is designed to provide automatic control of combustion process and power regulation of pellet burners, boilers and fireplaces. It is possible to attach to the controller additional modules of the series “Expansion modules for pellet boilers” according to the heating system:
– Module for control of two heating circuits and DHW
– Module for control of buffer and DHW.

Convenient user interface via color touch screen.


The controller can control the following units from the pellet burner system:
– fuel supply auger 1
– fuel supply auger 2
– fresh air fan and flue gas fan
– electric heater to ignite the pellets
– cleaner to clean the ash
– circulation pump
– expansion modules for pellet boilers – lock menu against accidental access


– protection against freezing of water
– protection against overheating of the boiler and “back fire”
– protection against blockage of the circulation pump


Technical data:
  • Power supply voltage: ~230V(+/- 10%)/50-60Hz
  • Lighter outlet: ~230V/2KW
  • Outlet circulating pump: ~230V/0.35KW
  • Outlets for fans: 2 pieces х ~230V/0.25kW
  • Output of augers: 2 pieces х ~230V/0.25kW
  • Output cleaner / tubus: ~230V/0.25KW
  • Sensor heating water: Pt1000 (form -50° up to +250°C)
  • Flue gas sensor: Pt1000 (from -50° up to +250°C)
  • Flame sensor: photoresistor
  • Room thermostat input: independent contact
  • Blocking thermostat input: independent contact
  • Flow / rev. sensor input: independent contact / Hall sensor
  • Display: color LCD with resolution 320 х 240 pixels
  • Measuring range temperature: from -50 up to +350 °С
  • Unit of measurement: 1°C
  • Humidity of the environment: 0 – 80%
  • Degree of protection: IP 00



Pellet burner and pellet boiler controller – User manual. 530kB