Gas alarm is designed to provide premises protection against exceeded concentration of flammable and explosive gases over admissible norms. It is suitable for an installation at boiler rooms, central heating distribution stations, kitchens, etc., where generally are being used devices working with gas.



Technical data:
  • Equipped with a relay output, sound and light indication.
  • Respond to of concentration of fumes, liquid fuels, organic solvents, etc.
  • Power supply: ~230 V / 50 Hz
  • Maximum current through the contacts: 5А / ~250 V
  • Outputs: one standard relay (changeover contacts)
  • Alarm level:
    • CH4 10% – 5000 ppm
    • LPG 10% – 2100 PPM
  • Working temperature: (-10С) – (+40С)
  • Humidity: 35 – 80%
  • Protection: IP20



Have a look at the complete “User’s guide” of the Gas alarm for domestic applications.
(.PDF 84kB)