The controller is used to manage self-service car washes without the intervention of an employee. Provides the user with the opportunity to use various programs in a cell from the car wash.


  • Monochrome graphic display with a resolution of 128×64 pixels
  • Ability to plug in a large LED display with high brightness for time tracking
  • 6 inputs for connection with a coin validator (10 Pin connector)
  • Power supply of the coin validator through the controller (12Vdc)
  • 5 buttons for program selection and 1 for emergency stop (or pause)
  • 6 relay outputs (independent contact)
  • Operator” mode for setting times, prices, coin and saving statistics
  • Ability to accumulate credit without the need for coins
  • Ability to switch between different programs, as the controller recalculates the remaining time, depending on the time used and the value of the selected programs
  • Settings the pause time
  • Failure” mode by external signal
  • Output: 24Vdc
  • Nominal supply voltage: ~230V/50-60Hz



Self-service car wash controller – User manual. 678kB