The Refrigeration Chamber Controller is designed to operate with refrigeration chambers, keeping the desired temperature level in chambers by relay thermoregulator that affect directly to the compressor operation. The controller manage the evaporator and condenser temperature, low and high pressure switches, the consumption current and the door status (open/close) of the refrigeration chamber.



Technical data:
  • Precision Class +/- 1%.
  • Adjustable time for defrosting the evaporator.
  • Compressor provides the necessary time for pressure equalization, protecting it from overload.
  • Terminate the process of defrosting by evaporator temperature or at the end of the set time.
  • Opportunity to work with two compressors.
  • Fan stops when opening the door of the refrigeration room.
  • Stops the compressor if the door of the refrigerator chamber remain open for more than 1 min.
  • Current protection for all components of the refrigeration system.
  • Safety pressure refrigerant pressure by pressure switches.
  • Ability to connect to single and three phase loads.
  • Graphical display that provides information about the current operating mode of the controller and the parameters describing its work.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Controller for refrigeration chambers SYS-2N – User manual. 217kB