The Controller is designed to manage the operation of refrigeration units, installed in show-cases, refrigeration chambers, etc., by switching the compressor operation and the heating element of the evaporator during defrosting regime.


Technical data:
  • Equipped with thermo sensors.
  • Measure temperature range of (-40 °C)-(+40 °C).
  • The measured temperature can be shown at two sectional digital display with precision of 10 °C.
  • Setting-up the desired temperature in the refrigeration chamber by the front panel.
  • Built-in thermo regulator keeps the assigned temperature in the refrigeration chamber, fixed with 3.50 °C different.
  • Performs the defrosting after defined time intervals with a duration between 5-15 hours time.
  • Stops the defrosting when the evaporator temperature goes up to +18 °C or one hour defrosting time passes.
  • The defrosting can be carried out by reversing the Freon direction in the installation while the compressor keeps operation.
  • If the evaporator temperature during defrosting does not reach the fixed positive temperature of +18 °C in one hour, after that time the refrigeration installation will start operation in frosting regime.
  • There is an option for manual switching of the defrosting process by pressing and keeping the upper right button on the front panel of the Controller for 40 sec.
  • During each switching of the power supply the compressor starts working with a delay of 4 min. due to the necessity of pressure equalizing at its inlet and outlet.
  • Provides a control of the light in the refrigeration chamber or in the showcase.
  • Regulates the evaporator fan operation in compliance with a special logic.
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Controller for refrigeration systems HLC-2.1 – User manual. 247kB