The solar controller DT3.2.1 is integrated into domestic hot water systems in boilers, combined with solar panels (fireplaces) and electric heaters.
It is designed to monitor the differential temperature and to control the operation of a circulation pump mounted in the water circuit between the panels (fireplace, boiler) and the boiler coil.
This regulates the heat exchange between them, helping to make the system more efficient.
The controller has an attractive design, contrasting and illuminated graphic display, intuitive control and a wide range of features, including:
– visualization of factory-set hydraulic connection diagrams
– real-time clock with battery
– weekly programs for heating by electric heaters
– “Vacation” mode
– Legionella protection
– control of standard pumps via mechanical relay
– control of high efficiency pumps by 0-10V or PWM signal
– lock the menu against accidental access
– wall mounting


Technical data:
  • Power supply: ~230V(+/- 10%)/50-60Hz
  • Switching current: 3А/~250V/ 50-60Hz
  • Number of output contacts: two relay
  • Output signal PWM frequency: 1 kHz level 10V (20mA)
  • Output DCV signal: 0 – 10V (20mA) tolerance 10%
  • Differential temperature: 2° – 20°С
  • Differential temperature: Pt1000 (-50° до +250°C)
  • Current through the sensor: 1mA
  • Measuring range: -30° to +140°C
  • Display: 128 x 64 pixel graphic
  • Unit of measurement : 1°C
  • Environmental temperature: 5° – 35°C
  • Environmental Humidity: 0 – 80%
  • Degree of protection: IP 20



Programmable controller for solar systems DT-3.2.1 – User manual. 911kB