The device is designed to control the combined heating of boilers having two independent heaters powered by photovoltaic panels and mains power.

Maintains the water temperature in the boiler by turning the heating on or off according to the set point and hysteresis.
It has a built-in weekly programmer with two programs to allow the heater to operate on mains power.
It monitors the current and voltage of the photovoltaic panel and measures the instantaneous power consumed.

Via “MPPT” mode monitors the point of maximum power from the panel according to the momentary sunlight. In this way, more efficient use of the panel is achieved in low sunlight.


Technical data:

  • Supply voltage: ~230V/50Hz
  • Solar panel voltage: 320V/10A
  • PV heater output: MOSFET 320V/10A
  • Mains heater output: relay NO, 230V/16A
  • Temperature sensor: Pt 1000 (-50 up to +250 °С)
  • Measuring range:  -10 +120 °С
  • Unit of measurement:   °С
  • Humidity: up to 80%
  • Protection:  IP2
  • Metal box
  • Wall mounting 
  • Warranty period:  24 months



Thermoregulator for photovoltaic boiler – User manual. 481kB