TR-6.1.1 is designed for an implementation in heating systems, etc., where the temperature is to be kept within certain range. The device monitors the temperature measured by temperature sensor Pt1000, and depending on the difference between the set and actual temperature controls connected to the consumer.

Technical data:
  • Equipped with a temperature sensor Pt-1000
  • Range of regulation (0 °C)–(+300 °C).
  • Adjustable hysteresis, within 1-40°C
  • Number of output relays: one switching
  • Nominal commutation current: 7А/~250V
  • Analogue output: 0 – 10V
  • Indication for sensor malfunction or excessive high/low temperature
  • Equipped with four sectional digital sensor
  • Custom LED indication
  • Warranty period of 24 months.



Programmable thermoregulator with a relay and analogue output 0-10V TR-6.1. – User manual. 139kB
(old version)