The smart WiFi thermostat is suitable for room temperature control and household temperature control. It manages the working status of the electric heating equipment by measuring the difference between the ambient temperature and the set temperature, while improving comfort.
It connects to the wireless network of your home, which allows you to remotely configure and monitor the heating via smartphone. 
It is a practical tool to use, easy to install, turns your home into a smart home and allowing you to achieve energy savings.



  • Elegant design;;
  • Large and easy to use LCD display;
  • Microprocessor control;
  • Suitable for various types of electric heating systems;
  • Wi-Fi connectivity. Can be controlled from a mobile app;
  • Voice commands, via Google Assistant;
  • Manual control;
  • Automatic control. Weekly temperature plan with up to 6 time ranges;
  • Built-in sensor for room temperature as well as an additional external sensor;
  • Saves all settings in case of power failure;
  • Ability to activate protection for children or against accidental touch of the display.


Technical data

  • Supply voltage: 100 to 240V/AC
  • Switching current: 16А/250V/AC
  • Consumption: 1W max
  • Sensor: NTC 10K  
  • Range of the set temperature: from 5° to 60°С
  • Accuracy of measurement: +/-0.5°С
  • Temperature hysteresis: +/-0.5°С
  • Accuracy of readings: 0.1°С
  • Ambient temperature: from -5° tо 50°С
  • Degree of protection: IP 20
  • Build material: PC+ABS (fireproof)


Size (mm)


Wiring diagram


Wall installation



WiFi Thermostat M3-GB – User manual. 391kB