The controller is designed for automatic cleaning of water filters without the need for a user.
Compatible with water filters of the type: Atlas Filtri Hydra, Hydra DS, Hydra DUO / TRIO, Hydra RAINMASTER, Plus 3P, DP, DP DS, K DP, DP BIG, etc.
The automated cleaning of the filter guarantees the longer life of the filter element, guarantees that the filter is not clogged and hence the reliable operation of the consumers on the warehouse, such as dishwashers, washing machines and more.
The controller controls the cleaning of the filter by giving a signal to the magnet valve of the backwash for a specified period of time, the backwash is automatically switched off after the set backwash time has elapsed.



Technical data for controller:

  • supply voltage: 230V/AC
  • power supply to the solenoid valve: 230V/AC
  • minimum wash time: 1 sec.
  • maximum wash time: 99 sec.
  • minimum backwash programming period: 1 h.
  • maximum backwash programming period: 99 h.
  • ambient temperature from: 0 ÷ 40°C
  • degree of protection: IP66



Technical data for magnet valve

  • maximum inlet pressure: 10 bar
  • fluid temperature from: 4 ÷ 80°С
  • pipe connection: ½”
  • maximum leakage rate of: 4,8м3



Controller for automatic cleaning of water – User manual.  468kB